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Exporting South Africa’s Finest Wines

Tamasa represents some of South Africa's top wineries, exporting these wines to all corners of the globe.

Tamasa can be seen as a "one-stop-shop", where importers can access a wide range of South African wines, while only working with a single point of contact and paying a single invoice. Tamasa manages the entire process, from enquiry to delivery.

Tamasa Trading represents 11 of South Africa's top wineries. We currently export to a number of African and Asian countries, and would like to broaden our horizons. With more than 40 years combined experience in the industry and the capabilities to manage the entire production and exportation process, we're in the prime position to provide South African wine to the world.


Exclusive Wine Exporters

Tamasa acts as a single point of contact / source for a range of South African wine.

Wine Marketing

Tamasa hosts wine related events and tastings, limed at increasing sales.

Private Label Wines

Tamasa manages the design and production of private label wines in a number of packaging options, according to importer specifications.

Consolidation and Sourcing

Tamasa manages the consolidation of South African wines, as well as sourcing wine according to importer requirements.


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