Mulderbosch Vineyards

Mulderbosch Wine Farm


When founders Larry Jacobs and Mike Dobrovic started Mulderbosch in 1989, they weren’t afraid to aim high. They’d found a run-down old fruit farm with no history of viticulture. But fuelled by unstoppable optimism and good instincts, they figured there was good wine potential in the humble property that had lain fallow for close to a century. They got to work, cleared away the accumulation of years of neglect and uncovered what turned out to be one of the most exciting wine-growing corners of Stellenbosch.

It wasn’t long before their wines with uniquely vertical labels, were thrilling wine enthusiasts.

They knew how to make the most of Mulderbosch, its varied soils and diverse topography of sloping hills and valleys, plus its cooling closeness to the sea. And right from the maiden vintage of 1992, they began to earn many accolades and international acclaim. It’s been that way pretty much ever since.

Those of us to come after Larry and Mike have done our best to maintain their track record and build on the reputation they established. We owe it to them as much as to our many supporters all over the world.

We take our inspiration from their visionary optimism. As a team we’ll never forget what they managed to achieve with such foresight and confidence in the future. We still pursue the same dreams and work to the same principles of excellence, creativity, and innovation. We’re proud that the shout-outs and awards continue. It doesn’t stop there, though. Ours is an ongoing pursuit, for the more we learn, the more we know there is to know.